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Gain International Perspective in Global Culture: Zurich University of the Arts – Diploma of Advanced Studies"Executive Education on Global Culture”

2017/3/3 — 10:30


Gain International Perspective in Global Culture: Zurich University of the Arts – Diploma of Advanced Studies"Executive Education on Global Culture”

It’s an era where the world is just one click away from us. Nowadays, when we talk about culture, it is no longer limited to specific places, but rather about a global landscape that is continuously evolving. We cannot simply ignore it when British artist Anish Kapoor held his infamous exhibition at Versailles about the eroticism, or when Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s latest film “The Salesman” was shown in London in reaction to the recent “Muslim Ban” in the US.


Such important happenings around the globe constitute the world art and cultural scene, of which Hong Kong is inevitably a part. Especially over the last few years, Hong Kong plays a more critical role in the Asian art market. That’s why talents who have international perspectives are becoming more and more important in the field of cultural management.

“Hong Kong is on its complex way to becoming an art metropolis,” stated Professor Elisabeth Danuser, Head of the Center of Further Education at the Zurich University of the Arts. She believes the city's exceptional status which integrates the Eastern and Western world will ensure that the development will unfold in a different way than in other urban Asian cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo and Singapore.


The question is: how to keep up with the international cultural trend? Studying abroad is ideal, but impractical. Not only is it difficult to leave everything behind – family, friends, career, etc., but also the expense is huge and, on top of that, you need to quit your job. Yet, regarding cultural management, it is essential to put theory into practice. Here is the dilemma: you want to enhance international perspective in global culture, while you need to apply the skills learned into your current job in the field. And now, the good news is that you can do both at the same time. This year, the Zurich University of the Arts launches the "Executive Education in Global Culture” programme in Hong Kong, which allows you to take courses in contemporary cultural management easily in Hong Kong, Zurich or through an online platform, according to your own needs and interest.

As explained by Danuser, the programme is designed for curators, artists, journalists, cultural producers, gallery owners, collectors, researchers, and teaching faculty in the field of international contemporary art. “The program consists of three different parts. First, knowledge centers on the questions: ‘What are the tendencies of global culture; who are the players; where are the most important places; and what role do cities play in this development?’” Moreover, it helps students reach out to other professionals worldwide, as well as apply knowledge into work. “It is possible to get to know different players personally or in online tools, and to widen their own professional network. Ultimately, it is also about discussing these new topics with others and to implement them in their own practice with the help of mentors.”

In the programme, some selected courses will take place in Hong Kong. This year, ZhdK will run three courses here: “International Curating Studio: Curating and Social Change” (27 – 31 March), “Dream and Reality of Cultural Development in Emerging Cities” (21-23 April), and “CCAA: Chinese Contemporary Art Award” (1 –3 Dec), aiming to enrich students’ understanding of the current contemporary art scene in China and cultural development today around the world.

Danuser noted that the programme is based on relevant international case studies. “The case studies are all based on research done by Zurich University of the Arts. The programme opens up an international debate about tendencies and developments in the field of contemporary art in a global context.” To facilitate the exchange of ideas between participants worldwide, the programme’s modules are held in Zurich as well as in Hong Kong or online on ZhdK’s digital platforms. “And, in this way, (the modules) support an international discussion on global culture,” she added.

In addition to the three attendance courses mentioned above, the "Executive Education in Global Culture” programme will also offer various online courses. Danuser further states that participants can also choose courses that fit their situation. “The rotation of attendance and online courses offers a different approach to student activities and, on the other hand, affords many opportunities to arrange the study according to personal needs.” Due to the flexibility of the programme students may enroll in one or several courses that interest them, or they may take it further – to obtain a Diploma of Advanced Studies "Executive Education in Global Culture” by completing the required credits.

As pointed out by Professor Danuser, the Zurich University of the Arts provides online learning resources, as well as sharing platforms in which students can exchange ideas and experiences.

Finally, she hopes the Diploma of Advanced Studies "Executive Education in Global Culture” will foster the discussion about the current trend and situation of the global culture amongst people who work in the art and cultural field in Hong Kong, while establishing their international network and developing an individual personal strategy in integrating global perspectives in their daily practical work.


Courses Information

Zurich University of the Arts in conjunction with Connecting Spaces Hong Kong-Zurich is now accepting applications for three courses in curatorial management and critical theory as part of their innovative 2017 Diploma of Advanced Studies ‘Executive Education on Global Culture’ programme:

“International Curating Studio: Curating and Social Change” (27 – 31 March)

“Dream and Reality of Cultural Development in Emerging Cities” (21-23 April)

“Chinese Contemporary Art Award (CCAA)” (1 –3 Dec) which provides first-hand information about current art practices in China.

All course are facilitated by known practitioners in the field of contemporary arts and include materials relevant to cultural management on an international level. Future or current curators, academics, students or art practitioners will be able to apply credits from these courses to the Diploma of Advanced Studies ‘Executive Education on Global Culture’ or simply expand and engage their existing knowledge of international curatorial practices. In addition to the listed courses we also offer other online courses and complimentary course materials.

For further information please see: http://connectingspaces.ch/projects/education/das/

The Course is registered as a Non-local Course by the Education Bureau of HKSAR under the Registration Number 272703.

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.


(This article is sponsored by Connecting Space Hong Kong)



今時今日,人人都能在彈指間連繫世界。現在談及文化,也往往不再限於一個地方,而是與全球環境息息相關。不管是Anish Kapoor年前在凡爾賽宮「惡名昭彰」的情色當代藝術展,還是最近倫敦市回應美國穆斯林入境禁令,公開放映伊朗導演Asghar Farhadi新作 “The Salesman”,雖然都不在香港發生,但置身本地文化圈的你我他也不能視若無睹。畢竟這些各式各樣的事情,構成了今天文化脈絡。尤其在亞洲藝術文化市場裡,香港地位愈見重要,也更需要具國際視野的文化管理人材。

「香港正在各方面晉身為藝術大都會。」瑞士蘇黎世藝術大學(ZHdK)持續教育中心主席Elisabeth Danuser認為,香港中西互融的獨特地位,令它有別於上海、東京或新加坡等亞洲大城市,發展出自己的藝術文化風景。


Danuser 解釋,這個計劃以策展人、藝術工作者、記者、文化製作人、藝廊經營者、收藏家、教職員及學生等藝文工作者為對象。「計劃主要分三個部份:首先是知識性的,我們會在課程裡探討一系列問題,例如:甚麼是全球文化趨勢?誰在主導?哪裡是文化發展重鎮?這些城市在發展中扮演甚麼角色?」她指出,課程亦著重讓學員加強與國際間之聯繫。「透過現代授課或ZHdK網上平台,學員可認識其他參與全球文化發展的人士,拓展業內人際網絡;最重要是,他們可與業內人士就著這些貼近現況的題目作出討論,並在導師協助下實踐在工作裡。」


故此,課程均以與全球文化有關的實際例子為基礎。「這些例子來自 ZHdK 進行的研究。這計劃讓我們有機會就當代藝術在全球文化趨勢與發展,展開具國際視野的討論。」為了促進各地藝術工作者交流,同樣的課程將分別在蘇黎世、香港以及其網上平台進行。「來自世界各地的學員及導師,均可就全球文化議題展開對話。」Danuser說道。

除了上述三個現場授課的課程以外,「全球文化管理培訓」計劃中亦通過網上平台提供線上課程。所以,有意報讀的學員亦可就個人需要,選擇不同課程。「他們可彈性選擇現場或網上課程,一來可以配合自己日程修讀,另外也可因應個人需要學習。」 因此,計劃結構相當靈活,學員可就興趣選讀其中一個課程,亦可加修其他課程,完成所需學分,以取得ZHdK的「全球文化管理培訓」深造文憑(Diploma of Advanced Studies)。

Danuser 特別指出,蘇黎世藝術大學為學員提供線上學習資源平台,讓世界各地文化工作者能互相交流,分享經驗。她希望「全球文化管理培訓」計劃,能讓香港當代藝術文化工作者,了解全球當代文化的趨勢與狀況,加強國際上的交流合作,並為個人實際情況制定策略。務求讓他們在日常文化管理工作中,加入更具國際視野的考量



蘇黎世藝術大學與 Connecting Spaces Hong Kong-Zurich 於2017年將開辦創新的「全球文化管理培訓」計劃,計劃其下探討策展管理和批判理論的三個課程現正接受報名,課程涵蓋:




全部課程均由當代藝術圈內知名藝術工作者授課,並提供國際級的文化管理相關教材。現職或未來的策展人、學者、學生或藝術工作者不但可以從課程中實踐並擴闊已有的國際展覽策劃知識,還可申請豁免深造文憑(Diploma of Advanced Studies) 之學分。除上述列明的課程外,我們亦提供線上課程,以及免費的課程教材。

如欲了解更多詳情,請瀏覽: http://connectingspaces.ch/projects/education/das/