Tony Prower

Hello, my name is Tony Prower. I live in Iceland. Iceland is a magical country with many volcanoes and glaciers. Iceland means a lot to me, its nature is very close to my heart and my job as a photographer and tour guide is to try to preserve the nature here so that my son can enjoy it when he is big. I love taking photographs and sharing my images and learning with others. I have a very good job taking visitors to amazing places in Iceland. Most people want to take photographs also and go home with fantastic memories and fantastic images. You can read about my photo tours here: Also, I enjoy Yoga and Meditation and I try to use this in my work. I believe that attention to the body relaxes the mind and attention to the mind relaxes the body. Success and energy is related to posture and being able to love should be my ultimate goal. I am a little bit famous for using the Magic Cloth Technique, which is very similar to the Black Card Technique. Using a black cloth, I try to control the exposure in different parts of a landscape scene. This is like shadow puppets and it is a lot of fun. You can read all about this technique and view pictures on my blog: In my images I try to capture both the beauty of Iceland and some of the magic of a long exposure. My photographs are mainly Landscape, but I also love night photography and especially the Aurora and Milkyway. I like to shoot images with no human or man made elements. One day this may be impossible, so I see it as my duty to do this now. I see something and I want to show other people, photography is the action in the middle. Of course, I have to survive, so many of my best images are for sale on this website: