Bob Dylan 再發新歌 《我包羅萬象》 網上免費聽

Bob Dylan 繼上月發布 17 分鐘長歌《最卑鄙的謀殺 (Murder Most Foul)》後,日前再發新歌《我包羅萬象 (I Contain Multitudes)》(按﹕《立場新聞》譯),這次歌曲「只有」4 分 38 秒長,歌詞內容涉及「我」的多個面向,聽眾可在 Youtube 免費收聽。

諾貝爾文學獎得主、譽為音樂詩人的美國歌手歌手 Bob Dylan(卜戴倫)已八年未有推出新作,直至上月 27 日,發布長達 16 分 54 秒的新歌《最卑鄙的謀殺》。今次《我包羅萬象》則長 4 分 38 秒,歌名提到的「萬象」,似乎指他自己生命中的多個面向,如會繪畫、會有多種心情,也會有矛盾的時候。此外,歌詞也提到多個人物,如詩人 Edgar Allen Poe、作家 Anne Frank、虛構冒險家 Indiana Jones 及滾石樂團 (Rolling Stones) 等。

至於早前發布的《最卑鄙的謀殺》,則以 1960 年代曾經奮勇抗爭的學生身份回顧往事,內容圍繞 1963 年甘迺迪總統遇刺身亡事件,情感唏噓。由於歌詞引用大量歷史故事,一度引起西方樂界考據的熱潮。該作早前登上美國權威音樂媒體 Billboard 網上搖滾歌曲銷售冠軍。儘管 Bob Dylan 名聞天下,這卻是 Bob Dylan 半世紀以來首次登上榜首,令網民紛稱「Billboard 榜首難拎過諾貝爾獎」。

I contain mutlitude 歌詞

Today, and tomorrow, and yesterday, too
The flowers are dyin' like all things do
Follow me close, I’m going to Bally-na-Lee
I'll lose my mind if you don't come with me
I fuss with my hair, and I fight blood feuds
I contain multitudes

Got a tell-tale heart like Mr. Poe
Got skeletons in the walls of people you know
I’ll drink to the truth and the things we said
I'll drink to the man that shares your bed
I paint landscapes, and I paint nudes
I contain multitudes

A red Cadillac and a black mustache
Rings on my fingers that sparkle and flash
Tell me, what's next? What shall we do?
Half my soul, baby, belongs to you
I rollick and I frolic with all the young dudes
I contain multitudes

I'm just like Anne Frank, like Indiana Jones
And them British bad boys, The Rolling Stones
I go right to the edge, I go right to the end
I go right where all things lost are made good again
I sing the songs of experience like William Blake
I have no apologies to make
Everything's flowing all at the same time
I live on a boulevard of crime
I drive fast cars, and I eat fast foods
I contain multitudes