Beijing banned Taiwanese actor refuses invitation to shoot prospective film in HK, citing location problem

Taiwanese actor Lawrence Ko on Tuesday (July 21) said on his Facebook page he decided to decline an invitation to have a role in a prospective film though he believes its screenplay is of quality, citing a main concern over its shooting location being Hong Kong.

Ko, who had a role in films such as Lust, Caution directed by Taiwan’s Oscar-winning Ang Lee, considered the screenplay to be decent and had spent several days thinking about taking part in the movie, but implied that he will not take part in the movie.

“I read a good screenplay I haven’t come across for a few years and spent some days giving some thought to it. [This is] mainly due to the shooting location as Hong Kong, together with other factors for consideration,” Ko wrote in the social media post.

He said he felt “extremely reluctant every time” he turned down an invitation to play a role in a film.

At the end of his Facebook post, Ko wrote hashtags reading “Life is very tough” and “Hong Kong’s national security law” in Chinese.

He also responded to a netizen’s remarks under his post by writing in Chinese “peace to the one-year anniversary on [the incident of] Yuen Long”.

In 2018, Beijing indefinitely suspended screenings of the film Missing Johnny, in which Ko starred. Ko allegedly supported the “sunflower student movement in Taiwan in 2014, and is labelled as supporting independence for the island.

In May this year, in his YouTube channel, Ko released a video responding to a Taiwan independence-related issue, among other topics. He said he believes when it comes to accusing one of supporting the independence for the island, there is no need for a reason.

In the video, Ko also talked about the protests in Hong Kong on Mother’s Day on May 10, asking why Hongkongers were treated in a harsh manner, citing incidences of protest scenes such as a child pinned to the ground.

【國安法】曾被指台獨 台演員柯宇綸:拒絕新劇本 因拍攝地在香港 / 立場報道