Families of 12 Hongkongers demonstrate outside Liaison Office, demand lawyer access

Twelve Hongkongers caught in a suspected attempt of fleeing to Taiwan have been detained in Yantian, Shenzhen for 39 days. On the eve of Mid-autumn Festival (Sept 30), some of the 12 detainees’ families, accompanied by localist activist Owen Chow Ka-shing and Legislator Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, presented a petition to the Liaison Office of Central People’s Government and demanded a permission of the lawyers they hired to reach their loved ones.

Holding banners like “give my kids back”, “release the 12” and bringing along mooncakes to express their wishes of reunion, the family members marched to the Liaison Office this morning, demanding the Chinese authorities to show “basic humanity and empathy”.

“Mid-autumn Festival should be a time of family reunion, but we cannot do that this year as my husband is being detained in Yantian. We do not even know whether he is alive or dead now,” said Mrs. Wong, detainee Wong Wai-yin’s wife. She also called for public attention to the incident.

Father of Cheng Tsz-Ho, another detainee, also pointed out that there lacked information about his son since their separation. He blamed the government officials for not explaining anything about it, and they are not willing to respond to the families’ requests. “We ask for only one thing - Hong Kong government should send someone to see whether our kids are fine. Why this cannot be done?” Mr Cheng said.

Owen Chow, who has been assisting the families, stressed that protecting the rights of citizens is a basic duty of the government. He urged Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung Kin-chung and Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu to meet with the family members as soon as possible.

Chow also put forward two requests, including arranging the detainees to meet with lawyers their families commissioned but not government-assigned lawyers, and disclosing the radar record from the Marine Department to prove whether the Chinese coast guard had crossed the borderline for the arrest. 

Chow further pointed out that there were already 10 lawyers commissioned by the detainees’ families being refused to meet with the detainees, while 6 lawyers had withdrawn under the pressure of the Chinese government. He also criticized that the Hong Kong government have been“lying openly” as claiming the detainees have already accepted the government-assigned lawyers.


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