History Will Absolve Us

Tonight was another heart-breaking and sleepless night for all of us at Stand News. Our photojournalist was arrested arbitrarily and in an abusive manner yesterday. We are angry and saddened. But we are not frightened in the slightest.

Journalists have become a target of the police early on in the anti-extradition movement. The police have attempted to intimidate journalists, from shouting insults, selectively stopping, obstructing, and dispersing journalists while they are performing their duties, to shooting at and hitting them in a commotion. In recent days, many journalists were arrested on allegations of obstructing police in the execution of their duty. There were even rumours of a government’s plan to start a centralised registration system for journalists. These efforts to muffle the truth with public power are plain as day. 

However, we will not flinch.

The public entrusts us with the task of telling the truth, revealing social ills, holding the powerful to account, and scrutinising the state violence. In turbulent times like these, it is a responsibility we must rise up to.

For this reason, while we condemn the police's wilful arrest of journalists, we must solemnly proclaim: We have no fear. Intimidations, violence, arrests, and detentions won’t stop us from doing our duty with our pens and cameras.

We believe the lies woven by the powerful pale before truth. We believe citizenry can tell right from wrong, black from white, goodness from evil. And we believe that history will absolve us.


Stand News Editorial
4th November, 2019, Midnight.