HK police arrests pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong, again

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung has been arrested today (Sept 24) for allegedly taking part in an unauthorised assembly and violating a mask ban October 5 last year. Facing prosecution on a case nearly a year ago, Wong condemned it as an “unnecessary move” suspectedly hindering him from going abroad.

The arrest occurred while he was reporting to the Central Police Station for another case this afternoon. It would be the third case that Wong is facing since last June. Another activist Koo Sze-yiu was also arrested for participating in an unauthorized assembly.

Wong was on bail after giving the testimony in the afternoon. He confirmed his case will be heard on September 30. In response to his arrest on a case nearly a year ago, he blamed the police “had made an unnecessary move as if they had nothing better to do”. Being shown of video clips from various news reports to prove his presence in the rally last October, Wong said that the police even did not have their own evidence for the prosecution.

Wong did not rule out it was a move to restrict a suspect not to leave Hong Kong. He also urged Hong Kong people not to give up their concern on the 12 arrested HK citizens in China.

Later today, the 23-year-old activist tweeted that the arrest “a notorious abuse to the criminal justice system”, however he would “choose not to surrender.”

By referring to the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, the HKSAR government passed the anti-mask law with effect on October 5, 2019. Netizens initiated a rally on Hong Kong Island objecting the rule on that day.


黃之鋒赴警署報到時再被捕 涉去年 10 月非法集結及違蒙面法
被指去年 10.5 非法集結、違《禁蒙面法》下周三提堂 黃之鋒斥警「無嘢搵嘢來告」