Joshua Wong Chi-fung

Joshua Wong thanks Hongkongers for their votes in democratic primaries

On Tuesday (14/7), pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung offered his statement in Chinese and English on Facebook, expressing his thanks to Hongkongers who cast their votes in the primaries for the upcoming Legislative Council election held by the pro-democracy camp over the last weekend. 

In the preliminary results of the electronic votes unveiled on Monday (13/7) night, Wong bagged more than 30,000 votes, topping the poll in the Kowloon East constituency in the primaries. More than 610,000 residents in the city cast their ballots in the poll.

Wong offered his statement in Chinese and English on Facebook on Tuesday, expressing his thanks to the Hong Kong people who voted for him as well as appreciating for the effort made by his team members and partners including Jannelle Leung Hoi-ching, a Kwun Tong district councillor.

In his Chinese comments, Wong thanked the Hong Kong people for granting the popular mandate to the “resistance bloc”, while he noted the results reflected the citizens expected potential lawmakers to give a full struggle in the city’s legislature.

Wong pointed out that the results of the primaries shows the candidates’ will of resistance would come under the voters’ scrutiny, including how devoted relevant political figures would be to massive social movements, whether they would adopt a clear attitude regarding rule of law, as well as whether they would hold a firm stance while voting.

A will of resistance entails a struggle through physical means and presence in any key voting, according to Wong, secretary general of the now-disbanded Demosistō. He expressed his hope of transforming the city’s legislative chamber into a field of resistance.

Wong believes the administration is mapping out a big move to disqualify certain opposition figures from running in the upcoming Legco election, without directly talking about any issue concerning his odds of being ousted from the race in September.

Wong hopes members of the pro-democracy camp can be well prepared and take the Legco election in September seriously, regardless of whether they participated in the primaries and ended up winning the primaries. No more infighting can be allowed within the camp, he added.

He believes the primaries had sent a clear message to the world that Hongkongers have not surrendered, saying he would show his support to more comrades as the Legco race is approaching in September.

Wong reiterated humbleness as he noted that at least half of the pan-democratic voters did not vote in the primaries.

He would solicit support from voters of defeated candidates.

At the end of the comments in Chinese, Wong stressed he never forgets those in custody, saying: “Glory to Hong Kong.”

In a separate English statement on Facebook, Wong said: “In this last free election of the city, activists or lawmakers that have played active roles during last year’s movement have topped this primary election.”

“The victory of movement activists in the primary implies the continuation of the spirit of our resistance against China’s growing curbs over the city’s freedoms,” he said.

Those 610,000 Hongkongers who voted in the primaries “have defied Beijing’s warnings cast their ballots and endorsed future opposition forces,” Wong said. “At the same time, Beijing is planning revenge against dissents, as China’s office on Hong Kong has publicly denounced the primaries as a plot to inciting subversion and colluding with foreign forces.”

On Monday, Beijing's liaison office in Hong Kong issued a statement, blasting the pan-democratic primaries as a “serious provocation” of the current election system.

"It is a serious provocation to the current election system, seriously damages the fairness and impartiality of the Legislative Council Election, and seriously harms to the legal rights and interests of other candidates," the liaison office said.

Also on Monday, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said the authorities have received many complaints and they would have to investigate, in response to the pan-democratic primaries.

“If this so-called ‘primary’ election’s purpose is to achieve the ultimate goal of delivering what they call a "35+" with the objective of objecting to, resisting every policy initiative of the Hong Kong SAR Government, then it may fall into the category of subverting the state power, which is now one of the four types of offences under the new National Security Law. I’m not saying that it has breached it but I have to put forward a warning that if that is going to be proven to be the case, then there is certainly a case to answer,” Lam said.

Wong anticipated “more political censorship and disqualification” are expected in the upcoming Legco race.

“It may be the last free election for Hongkongers, but it marks our real struggle for freedoms in the city,” the young activist said as he concluded his English comments.

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