Legislator asks for radar evidence on whether mainland cops had crossed the line for arrest

On the 30th day (Sept 21) since 12 Hongkongers were arrested by mainland coast guard while reportedly trying to flee to Taiwan, legislator Eddie Chu Hoi-dick urged the Hong Kong Marine Department to disclose the radar information on whether the mainland coast guard had crossed the line for the arrest.

Mainland coast guard claimed the speedboat of the 12 arrested was caught in the neighbouring area outside China’s sea territory, echoed by the Hong Kong Police stating its mainland counterpart did not enter the Hong Kong territory to arrest the detainees.

Chu, who has been closely following up the case, said such explanation was insufficient and suggested that the Hong Kong Marine Department should provide radar information as an evidence. “This information is very important to the families of the detainees, and the general public who are concerned with the incident,” said Chu.

John Lee Ka-chiu, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Security, said the detainees took the initiative in commissioning government-appointed lawyers. Chu said Lee’s words were against common sense as it would be unreasonable for the detainees to refuse having lawyers commissioned by the detainees’ family. Chu also worried that the Chinese authority would prolong the Hongkongers’ detainment.

Chu said he and the detainees’ family would continue to seek lawyers to represent the detainees, as lawyers previously involved in the case have resigned.


【送中 30 天】朱凱廸促海事處公開雷達資訊 確認中國海警無越界捉人