Police arrest producer of RTHK programme on 7.21 Yuen Long attack

Police arrested a RTHK producer who worked on investigations into the “7.21 Yuen Long Attack” last year, on allegation of the producer making false statements when conducting a vehicle registration search.

Choy Yuk-ling, the RTHK producer for the Hong Kong Connection documentaries “A Dark Night in Yuen Long” and “7.21 Who Owns the Truth”, was arrested this afternoon (November 3). According to a statement by the Police, the detainee was arrested on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Ordinance by making false statements when conducting a vehicle registration search, and they suspect the information obtained was used in a different way than otherwise claimed.

The case is being investigated by the New Territories North Regional Crime Division. In the late night of July 21 last year, Yau Nai-keung, the superintendent who led the searching in Yuen Long after the rampage, claimed that the police did not find suspects in possession of weapons in the nearby village of Nam Pin Wai. Yau was transferred to New Territories North Headquarters in October last year and is now in charge of the Crime Division.

Choy is the former Chairperson of the RTHK Programme Staff Union. The Union criticized police’s action for creating a chilling effect and a suspected connection of the arrest with the investigation of the documentaries.

The two episodes of Hong Kong Connection featured a large number of CCTV footages on the day of the incident, indicating that in the same afternoon, the police had been patrolling in Yuen Long where the attack took place later that night, and plain-clothes officers were seen taking no action as a group of men dressed in white T-shirts passed by with weapons.

Vehicle registration search is a common practice in news investigation and Choy is the first case of a reporter being arrested for conducting the search. Previously, pro-Beijing newspapers Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po have also published reports with car plate numbers and the name of their owners fully shown.


製作《鏗鏘集》元朗 7.21 專題 港台編導遭警方上門拘捕 被指虛假陳述違法查車牌