Police raided Jimmy Lai’s private office

Fourteen policemen raided Next Digital chairman Jimmy Lai Chee-ying' s private office this morning, according to Apple Daily.

With search warrant, the police entered the office of Niko Financial Limited in Millennium City, Kwun Tong and took away some documents without the presence of Jimmy Lai' s lawyer, the paper owned by Lai reported.

In his twitter, Mark Simon, the person in charge of the office but currently outside Hong Kong, wrote that he had taken the initiative to speak to the police, demanding them to wait for their lawyer before the raid. The police ignored and took away some documents before their lawyer arrived.

Mark Simon believed that the action of the police was to convert a civil to a criminal one, and stopped Lai to use his own capital to support Apple Daily.

The June 4 case of Lai before the afternoon court

Twenty-six defendants including Lai were prosecuted for an unauthorized vigil commemorating the June 4 Incident in Victoria Park and inciting others to participate in an unauthorized assembly. The defendants were brought before the court this afternoon in West Kowloon Magistrates' Court.

Ten including Jimmy Lai were arrested by the police in August for breaching the National Security Law and conspiracy to defraud. During the arrest, 200 policemen  blockaded and raided the building of Next Media Limited.

The Next Media Building was accused of operating the Niko Financial Limited, a company providing “company secretariat” service to other companies. It is suspected that the company breached the terms of the land title of Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate. In June, the Commercial Crime Bureau called on the Wan Chai office of Niko Limited and investigated for three hours before taking away some documents from the office.