Security chief sniffs at legislators’ accusation of “setting up” 12 Hongkongers to be arrested

Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu said the government would not “act on the plot” by the pro-democracy legislators, as they accused the police of setting up 12 Hongkongers to be arrested by the China Coast Guard. Lee also criticized democrat Roy Kwong Chun-yu for encouraging suspects to abscond.

During the Legco session today (October 21) where pro-democracy legislators repeatedly questioned if the government had set up the 12 Hongkongers to be arrested by China Coast Guard, Lee said there had been many smearing and criticism against the police, and he described these as “plots”. John Lee stressed that “the government will not act with you”.

In the meeting, Roy Kwong put forward three queries that includes: whether the government had conveyed the demands of the Hongkongers’ families to the Chinese authorities, whether the Security Bureau and the police had learnt about the escape plan of the Hongkongers in advance, and how to protect the rights of the Hongkongers and to guarantee they would have a fair trial.

Without addressing each question specifically, Lee replied that the Immigration Department had so far conveyed 29 written demands of the families to the Chinese authorities, including medication needs and release on bail.

Lee also stated that the official duty of the Government Flying Service (GFS) is to support all the law-enforcing departments. According to the general practices of the GFS, their operation details will not be made public as criminals may make use of the information.

Lee emphasized that it is “extremely inappropriate” and “encouraging abscond” to demand sending the 12 detainees back to Hong Kong before the legal procedure concludes in the mainland. He added that the police have been investigating the planning of the border crossing and they would pursue the legal responsibilities of the organizers and their source of funding. He did not rule out that more people would be arrested.

Kwong asked Lee again to answer his second query whether the government had learnt the escape plan before the arrest of the 12 Hongkongers, and suspected it was a set up and send them to the Chinese authorities.

John Lee asserted that Kwong’s suggestion is encouraging suspects to abscond and Kwong in response rebutted that Lee went against the meeting rules by presuming his motivation.

Lee reiterated that the police did not participate in the arrest. He blamed those who “undermine the interest of Hong Kong” are writing plots to attack the government, smearing the police that results in severely splitting Hong Kong.

“Let me tell you this. Give it up. The government will not act with you, following your plot,” Lee continued. He said such “plots” will not distract the government.


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