The young woman in search of freer world with blank papers

A young woman was seen holding up a few pieces of blank papers among a crowd of bystanders that watched the last batch of arrestees being escorted to board a police vehicle on Wednesday ( 1/7 ) night, as police made about 370 arrests, following clashes between the police and the protesters that erupted earlier on the day.

A new national security law for Hong Kong came into effect at 11pm on Tuesday, the night before the city marked the 23rd anniversary of its handover to China on Wednesday.

The woman, who came to Hong Kong two years ago to embark on her pursuit of studies and employment, admitted having no clue as to what placard she needs to hold in order not to fall into legal traps. Recalling her past experiences, the girl said she had previously been in protest scenes to hold placards that bear slogans.

An anti-humour occurred to her, the girl said. Back to the era of the former Soviet Union, someone was handing out flyers in Red Square, she said. "The person was subsequently apprehended by military personnel who later found the flyers were blank papers. 'You thought I have no idea what you want to write?' A military officer told the person," she elaborated.

"Suddenly I want to know if there have been some apparently absurd jokes coming to town," she said.

She had frequently been participating in protests since the anti-extradition bill movement. She did not intend to return to her homeland, not only because of potential trouble she could face, but because of reluctance to adopt a narrow mindset.

The woman denied being regarded as a radical activist. When asked what she would like to write on those blank papers, she said she would like to put dual universal suffrage as the answer, because a genuine democratic system can right a wrong system, so as to resolve many issues in society.

She reiterated her unwillingness to return to her homeland. "I'd leave in search of a freer world," she said.