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2019/7/30 — 11:28

[ Hong Kong Artist Union appeals to staffs of LCSD museums and sponsored programmes to participate in city-wide strike ]各位香港市民:


To all Hong Kong citizens:


The Hong Kong Civil Servants General Union has been under tightening control in recent years, and the only union representing the Cultural Sector Government Departments and sponsored organisations (including the West Kowloon Cultural District and Arts Development Council) are the General Union of HKSAR Government Leisure & Cultural Services Department Clerical & Amenities Assistant Grade Staff, which is under the Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions, and the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department Employees Oeneral Union, which is under The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions.

Earlier this year, the HKSAR Government introduced amendments to the Fugitives Offenders Ordinance bill in Hong Kong. Should the bill be passed, Hong Kong citizens would be subject to face the unjust legal system of China. The amendments to the bill claims to fill the loophole of the existing laws, when in fact it is a step to further integrate Hong Kong and Chinese legal systems, and is a breach of the “One Country Two Systems” and the autonomy of Hong Kong as promised in the Joint Declaration. We worry that this law would greatly threaten and impair the freedom of creation and freedom of speech of artists in Hong Kong, and furthermore the future of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong citizens have repeatedly voiced out the concerns regarding the amendments to the bill, starting from the peaceful demonstration on 9 Jun with a million people turnout, to the clashes in Admiralty on 12 Jun, which then evolved into weekly demonstrations, violence in Shatin on 14 Jul, police shootings targeted at protesters in Sheung Wan on 21 Jul, Yuen Long triad attacks, and excessive use of tear gases and weapons in Yuen Long and HK Island in the past weekend. We are outraged and pained by the increasing abuse of violence of the Police Force.

The HKSAR Government has turned a deaf ear to the public outcry, and have ignored the voices of people to withdraw the bill. Not only have they avoided to respond positively to the appeals of the people, the Government has also intendedly allow the Police Force to use excessive violence. Worse still, the Police have selectively enforced their law, not responding to citizens’ call out for help against the mob attacks against civilians at Yuen Long Station by suspected triad members, and even escorting the attackers to leave with no arrests. The cold response and the collusion of the Police and attackers is certainly a blatant defiance of the Law, and is a serious misconduct which leads to total destruction of trust towards civil servants.

我們在此促請身為公職人員的各大康文署博物館員工,及公營與資助機構,包括但不限於西九文化區、藝術發展局、九大藝團等之員工,以行動回應香港市民訴求,響應香港市民發起的2019年8 月5日全港大罷工,且博物館及藝文空間於當天閉館或停運一天,讓發聲的員工及藝術家能夠響應罷工行動,並履行受資助者對藝術卓越的追求以外的社會責任,逼使政府正面回應香港市民五大訴求以避免社會繼續撕裂,亦敦促警方在工作時應保持政治中立、合理、公平及專業地執行職務,並盡快將施襲者繩之於法以保障市民的安全。恥與暴政為伍。
We hereby call out to civil servants of LSCD museums and affiliated organisations, including but not limited to the West Kowloon Cultural District, Arts Development Council and members of the nine major performing arts group, to respond to Hong Kong people’s call to participate in the city-wide strike on 5 Aug 2019, to close or suspend services at museums and art spaces, so as to allow for staffs and artists to participate should they wish. This would also be an opportunity for sponsored organisations to carry out their social responsibilities on top of their pursue of artistic excellence, to pressure the Government to positively respond to the 5 major appeals of the Hong Kong people in order to prevent further division within the society. We also urge the Police Force to remain neutral, reasonable, fair and professional when carrying out their duties, and bring attackers to justice as soon as possible, and not to collude with tyranny.

Hong Kong Artist Union

7 July 2019