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法政匯思就行政長官 7 月 2 日凌晨 4 時記者會的回應

2019/7/4 — 11:15

【法政匯思就行政長官在 2019 年 7 月 2 日凌晨 4 時於警察總部會見傳媒的回應】

【Statement of the Progressive Lawyers Group in Response to the Media Session held by the Chief Executive at 4 am on 2 July 2019 at the Police Headquarters】(Scroll for English)

1. 2019 年 7 月 2 日清晨 4 時,行政長官及幾位官員在警察總部舉行記者會,就前一晚闖入立法會大樓示威者所使用的暴力作出譴責。


2. 記者會是在 7 月 1 日和平遊行過後的大清早舉行。據主辦方估計,該次遊行參與人數超過50萬。這是六月以來的第三次大型遊行。

3. 過去的一個月內,三名年輕人選擇結束他們的生命以表示他們對逃犯條例修訂事件的絕望。在上述記者會中,記者特意向特首問及其對自殺事件的看法。令人驚訝的是,特首對於年輕人的輕生悲劇表現得漠不關心。對於死者,特首沒有半句哀悼言詞,反而只是就立法會大樓的損毀表示痛心。


4. 法政匯思對特首在記者會中的態度感到深惡痛絕。近日香港社會躁動不安,作為香港的特首,我們期望她應當迅速以及透明地解決令示威者憤怒和沮喪的根本原因,主動帶領社會走出動盪。就此,我們認為特首完全未能履行她的職責。

5. 再者,我們認為部份示威者不顧一切把行動升級以獲取政府回應的根本原因之一,正是由於特首未有對市民以和平方式提出的合理訴求作出適當的跟進。特首本已非經民主選舉產生,她一貫漠視香港市民聲音的態度,更不斷挑起民憤。我們認為特首的持續瀆職遠比 7 月 1 日晩上立法會大樓遭受的損毀對香港造成更大的傷害。

6. 法政匯思堅持我們於 6 月 17 日發表的聲明立場 (https://tinyurl.com/y6jywomy),並重申特首應立即全面撤回逃犯條例修訂和成立獨立調查委員會調查 6 月 12 日於金鐘一帶引致超過 80人受傷的衝突,及就其他相關事宜作出適當跟進。

7. 法政匯思將盡責任與公民社會密切合作,繼續向政府施加進一步壓力,使其處理公眾所表達之憂慮。我們看到,年輕人採取更激進手法的原因之一,是他們對其他較為年長的社會人士,未能令政府對其所作所為負責,而感到失望。我們深信,保護下一代的最佳方法是為香港的共同未來承擔責任,而不是在這個關鍵時刻,背棄年輕人。

8. 法政匯思亦呼籲示威者在表達其訴求時保持克制。示威者受傷或被捕均令人難過,特別是當示威者的訴求與很多香港人別無二致。再者,示威者的無私和決心無疑撼動了本地和國際社會。法政匯思與所有示威者對現況同樣深感失望。可是,我們亦憂慮示威者不適當地使用武力的話,可能削弱社會對正當訴求的支持。

9. 法治(the Rule of Law)的基礎是對個人權利和自由的保護,以及對當權者的有效制衡。當這些基本原則蕩然無存,便只會剩下依法而治(Rule by Law)的社會。我們認為,擁有公權力的人濫用權力對法治造成的損害,遠遠大於一些不服從法律的行為。法政匯思會繼續努力,追究那些應負上破壞香港法治最終責任的人。

2019 年 7 月 4 日

1. At 4 am on 2 July 2019, the Chief Executive (the “CE”) and her colleagues held a media session at the police headquarters. The CE condemned the use of violence by protesters who broke into the Legislative Council (the “LegCo”) building the night before.

2. The media session was held in the early morning after the peaceful July 1 march in which, according to the organiser, over half a million people took part. This was the third large-scale demonstration over the last month.

3. In the past month, three young people have fallen to their untimely death in expressing their hopelessness about the extradition bill. The CE was expressly asked by a journalist about the suicides. The CE, being shockingly indifferent to the tragic loss of young lives, only mentioned in her reply that she was saddened by the damage of the LegCo building; she said nothing - not even a word of condolence - about the deaths.

4. The Progressive Lawyers Group (the “PLG”) finds the CE’s reaction abhorrent. In light of the recent and ongoing turbulence in Hong Kong, we expect the CE to expeditiously and transparently take an active role in leading our city out of the turmoil and in addressing the root causes of the anger and frustration of the protestors. We believe that the CE has failed in this task.

5. We further believe that it was the CE’s failure to provide any meaningful accession to the reasonable requests made peacefully by the general public to be one of the root causes of the escalation by some protestors in their desperate bid to demand a response from the Government. The consistent failure by the CE - who is not democratically elected - to listen to the people of Hong Kong continues to provoke public resentment. This is far more troubling than any physical damage done to the LegCo building in the night of 1 July.

6. The PLG stands by our Statement issued on 17 June 2019 (https://tinyurl.com/y6ht2tvn). We reiterate that the CE should immediately, inter alias, withdraw the extradition bill completely and appoint an independent commission of inquiry to investigate the use of force by the police on 12 June during the clashes in the Admiralty area which resulted in more than 80 injuries.

7. The PLG is obliged to work closely with the civil society to continue with putting further pressure on the Government to respond to the concerns expressed by the general public. One of the reasons young people have apparently resorted to more radical measures is because of their disappointment with other more mature members of the society who have yet to hold the Government accountable. We strongly believe that the best way to protect the next generation is to shoulder responsibility for our collective futures instead of turning our backs on young people at this critical juncture of Hong Kong.

8. The PLG also appeals to protestors to exercise self-restraint in pursuit of their causes. It is saddening to see injuries or arrests, particularly given that the protestors’ cause is shared by many people in Hong Kong. The selflessness and resolve of the protestors have no doubt moved the local and international communities. The PLG shares the profound disappointment of all the protestors but is also concerned that support for the legitimate cause may be undermined by any unwarranted use of force.

9. The Rule of Law is anchored in the protection of individual rights and freedoms as well as effective checks and balances against those in power. Without these fundamentals, there will only be Rule By Law. The abuse of power by those in public office does far more damage to the Rule of Law than disobedience of the law. The PLG shall continue its work to hold those who are ultimately responsible for undermining the Rule of Law in Hong Kong to account.

The Progressive Lawyers Group
4 July 2019