【DQ周庭】亞洲民主青年連線:強烈譴責 是對民主運動的報復

立法會將於3月11日舉行補選,香港眾志周庭、報稱獨立的陳國強及獨立本土派劉頴匡被選舉主任裁定參選提名無效。由九個亞洲國家年輕民主運動組織者創辦的「亞洲民主青年連線」(Network of Young Democratic Asians) 昨日發表聲明,強烈譴責香港政府無理及非法剝奪周庭的選舉權。




Statement of Protest to the Government of Hong Kong on Blocking Pro-Democracy Candidate from Election

On 27 January 2018, Agnes Chow, the legislative by-election candidate of the pro-democracy Demosistō party in Hong Kong has been banned from running in the upcoming election in March. The government of Hong Kong ruled that Chow’s candidacy is invalid as “cannot possibly comply” with the Basic Law, claiming that the party’s stance to advocate for and promote the city’s self-determination is the key issue.

It was written Sino-British Declaration and the Basic Law that democratic government should be implemented, and yet China failed to uphold its promise. Furthermore, the government's decision also violates the United Nations' International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which is applicable in Hong Kong as stated in the Basic Law. We call for governments to uphold the commitment to universally recognized human rights and norms.

The 79-days long Umbrella Movement has proved Hong Kong people clear commitment to autonomy and genuine democracy. Chow is the 13th candidate whose rights to participation is stripped; it is a retaliation to the democracy movement in Hong Kong, and once again reveals the disturbing fact that Hong Kong people are caught in a new, authoritative political order.

The Network of Young Democratic Asians (NOYDA) strongly condemns the government of Hong Kong for the unjust disqualification of the candidate and backs the political party who has stated the government’s decision as “illegal and groundless.”

We call for international solidarity to Hong Kong people, as we are experiencing the most severe democracy and human rights backlash in decades, free
citizens should unite and support each other. 

We, who aim to promote youth participation in politics and support democracy and the civil liberties of the people of Hong Kong, shall not tolerate execrable decision. 

February 1, 2018

Network of Young Democracy Asians (NOYDA) 


Co-signing organization:

African Movement for Democracy

Center for Youth and Social Harmony (CYSH)

Surigao youth Convergence

World Youth Movement for Democracy

Generation Wave

Yangon Youth Network

Akbayan Youth