Hong Kong has no political prosecution, Chief Secretary told German counsel

The HKSAR Government strongly objected to the harbouring of criminals under different pretexts by other jurisdictions, Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung commented on Wednesday (21/10) after meeting with Dieter Lamie, the Consul General of Germany in Hong Kong.

Germany is reported to grant a 3-year refugee status this month to a former Chinese University of Hong Kong female student who fled Hong Kong after being charged rioting during last year's social movement.

Anyone accused of breaching the law would face an open and fair trial, said Cheung, adding that there is no question of political persecution in Hong Kong.

He also urged foreign government to stop intervening with Hong Kong’s affairs, which are internal matters of the People's Republic of China

According to the government press release, the meeting was set up by the SAR government along with John Lee Ka-chiu, the Secretary for Security Bureau.

During the meeting, Cheung made clear that the government strongly objects to the harbouring of criminals under different pretexts by other jurisdictions, and stated that this would only send a plainly wrong message to criminals that they do not need to bear any criminal liability.

He said, the Basic Law and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights also provide sufficient protection to any person with any criminal charges laid against him or her, or whose rights and obligations are in a suit at law.

Prosecutions are made based on the acts but not political beliefs or background of the persons involved, he stressed, claiming that political persecution in Hong Kong does not exist.

Given Germany's long-standing diplomatic presence in Hong Kong, Cheung pointed out that the German authorities were expected to duly take into account the above factors in determining the truth and veracity of any claims for refugee status.

The HKSAR Government would be dismayed if a basic assessment of facts had not been made, he said. 

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