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SOS 就警務處副處長郭蔭庶在聯合國發言之回應聲明

2020/3/11 — 14:58



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作為民間組織 Sounds of the Silenced (SOS) 召集人,想分享 SOS 就警務處副處長郭蔭庶在聯合國人權理事會的發言的回應:

  1. 2020 年 3 月 9 日,警務處副處長郭蔭庶(下稱"郭副處長")在日內瓦出席了聯合國人權理事會
  2. 在人權理事會上,郭副處長針對近期香港的社會抗爭運動發言,並作出幾項對示威者的嚴重指控,包括但不限於 2019 年 11 月 13 日於上水警民衝突中發生的一宗致命意外
  3. 本組織(下稱”SOS”)非常關注郭副處長的指控,尤其是在作出針對示威者的指控之時,這些案件均未經任何法院進行審理並頒下裁決。郭副處長所提及的事件現已進入司法程序的不同階段。
  4. 本組織強烈要求郭副處長應重新學習和理解本港司法系統長久以來奉行的「無罪推定」精神,此為基本的刑事原則,以防再有類似的誤解、誤判、或是遺忘的情況出現。考慮到郭副處長是次的公開言論具有明顯的偏見, SOS 認為聯合國人權理事會和國際社會應將之審慎解讀。
  5. 更甚是,郭副處長乃是以警務處的代表身份公開發言。 SOS 希望藉此提醒香港警隊,「法治」的精神和體現是每一位人士的公民責任,而香港警隊並沒有例外。
  6. 會上,郭副處長進一步表示:「在以他們的要求勒索政府並訴諸暴力的暴徒面前,我們是唯一親身與他們對立的部隊。這就是他們竭而不捨地指控警方警暴的真正原因,亦是他們全方位地中傷香港警察的計謀之一。」
  7. SOS 對以上論述深表遺憾。香港警方至今依然表露出他們對自己過失的無知,更甚是,他們堅決活在自己的妄想中以完全否認其暴力行為,不單止對示威者,還有一些路過市民。更令人需警惕的是,警隊中的上司似乎並無維持其下屬的操守;反之,在很多事件中我們都可見,警隊的管理層對前線警員的失當行為視若無睹,甚有默許和助長此風氣之嫌。
  8. 除了本組織所提交予聯合國的報告,香港同時有若干機構會不時提供中肯和可信的新聞和相關資訊給聯合國的委員以作參考。 SOS 深信聯合國對香港現況會有一定理解,而現時警暴問題有免於刑責的趨勢,相信亦與聯合國人權理事會這些年來致力於保護和宣揚人權的理念相違背。因此,郭副處長公而廣之的為警隊努力洗白的行為則少不免貽笑大方。
  9. 本組織在此誠邀香港警隊真正與市民同行,在 2020 年可以認真恰當地認識國際人權法和本港法律,以調整前線警員的行為、堅拒徇私並起訴違法亂紀的警員。只有香港警隊願意正視他們的紀律問題,並撥亂反正,方能達至郭副處長的發言中一開始提及的:將和平還給香港。
  10. 如欲了解警暴問題及相關違法行為之詳情,請查看本組織較早前的報告。

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【SOS’s statement in response to the speech of Deputy Commissioner of Police in the UN】

  1. On 9 March 2020, the Deputy of Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Force (“HKPF”), Mr. Oscar Kwok Yam Shu (“Mr. Kwok”) attended the United Nations Human Rights Council (“UNHRC”) in Geneva.
  2. During the UNHRC session, Mr. Kwok made a statement in response to the current social unrest in Hong Kong that included several allegations against protestors, including but not limited to an incident that occurred on 13 November 2019 amid confrontation between members of the HKPF and protestors in Sheung Shui.
  3. The Sounds of the Silenced (“SOS”) is deeply concerned over the allegations Mr. Kwok has made. None of the allegations Mr. Kwok levied against protesters have been upheld by any competent court of law at the time of his testimony. The events Mr. Kwok refers to in his statement are currently ongoing criminal prosecutions at varying stages of progress.
  4. We strongly urge Mr. Kwok to revisit the principle of the long-standing presumption of innocence in the Hong Kong Legal System should he have misinterpreted, misheard, or otherwise forgotten about this cardinal principle in criminal law. Until such time, it is in the UNHRC’s and the global community’s best interest to refrain from seriously considering Mr. Kwok’s blatantly biased opinions.
  5. Provided that Mr. Kwok was speaking publicly in the capacity of the HKPF, the SOS would like to take this opportunity to remind the HKPF that the Rule of Law should be upheld by each and every individual, while the HKPF being no exemption.
  6. In his statement, Mr. Kwok made the following claim:
    “We became the only force that physically stood in the way of those who sought to extort their demands from the government through mob violence. This was the real reason they are relentless in accusing the police of brutality as part of a comprehensive effort to vilify the Hong Kong police.”
  7. The SOS regrets that the HKPF shows ignorance, or worse, delusional and complete denial to what they have indeed brutally committed not only to the protestors, but also the general public such as some passerby. It is even more alarming that the superiors in the HKPF are apparently not governing their subordinates orderly; it appears in many instances that the management level has in fact acquiesced the malpractice of the frontline officers. Such acquiesces encourage further malpractice.
  8. Apart from our reports, there are many impartial NGOs which have been feeding the news from Hong Kong in the most factual way to the UN committees. The SOS therefore trusts that such obvious trend of police impunity is not the belief and purpose of the United Nations Human Rights Council, wherein human rights are strictly celebrated. Subsequently, the blatant whitewash by Mr. Kwok on behalf of the HKPF is indeed rather embarrassing.
  9. The SOS hereby invites the HKPF to join the rest of us in the year 2020, and duly observe international human rights law and the laws of Hong Kong, by effectively regulating officers' behaviour and bringing officers violating the relevant laws into justice. Only by facing the institutional problems head on in the HKPF can peace be restored in Hong Kong as pointed out by Mr. Kwok himself at the start of his speech.
  10. For complete descriptions of human rights violations by the HKPF, please refer to our reports in the earlier Facebook posts.