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【政府掃蕩 HA】被捕音樂人發聲明:音樂工作者要在香港生存 原來那麼困難

昨晚觀塘工廈Hidden Agenda再遭入境處放蛇,期間多人被捕。英國樂隊Ttng與美國音樂人Myletss晚上發聯合聲明,稱他們被扣查半天後暫時獲准保釋,又指事件令他們了解到,音樂工作者在香港生存原來如此困難。




First of all, we would like to thank our fans for their love and support, Hong Kong Legislators and legal team for their assistance and the media for their concern. After being held in custody for a few hours, we have been released on bail. We will head back to the UK and the USA respectively on Tuesday 9th of May and Wednesday 10th of May, and will be returning to Hong Kong to report back to the Immigration Department on 5th of June.

After last night’s event, we have learnt that it is extremely difficult for musicians to thrive in Hong Kong. It requires an incredible amount of strength and passion to persevere. Hong Kong as we know as an international city with freedom and diversity, should give greater room for creative works and performance to flourish.

That said, we shall not be discouraged, instead we will continue to travel and share our music with the world. We sincerely hope that we will be welcomed by more fans and music lovers rather than law enforcers at our possible future performances in Hong Kong.

Thank you for your support! We are so grateful for how helpful and supportive everyone has been to us. We are thankful for the kindness and compassion everyone in Hong Kong has shown to us.

- TTNG, Mylets


- TTNG, Mylets