Erwiana:I am not the only one



This is what I feel right now after Judge Amanda Woodcock gave almost the full sentence to Law Wan-Tung. She deserves to be punished for everything she has done to me.

While I have mentioned before that the sentence should be life imprisonment because of she has done to me, I accept the verdict and sentence given by the district court.

She was hurtful. She was a bad employer. And She was not remorseful after everything she has done.


This is also what I want for others.

I could not have won this case if not for all the people who helped me. First and foremost is the Mission For Migrant Workers who took my case and guided me all throughout the process. Second are the migrant organizations and those who are part of the Justice Committee – their campaign against slavery and social exclusion caught the attention of the people and put pressures on the Hong Kong government to attend to my case.

I thank the Hong Kong people who supported me, those who believe in me, those who believe in justice, those who believe that no one should be treated as slaves.


I am not the only one. There are many more like me out there. Many women migrant workers like me also suffer in Hong Kong and I hope that you can also attend to them, help them.

While I know that people are generally good, it is the policies and laws that put us, especially migrant domestic workers, in bad situations.

I hope that the Hong Kong government will change policies like the Two-Week Rule and the Mandatory Live-In Arrangements. I hope that the Hong Kong government will treat domestic workers as workers. I also hope that actions will be done on agencies that misbehave. Both the government of Hong Kong and my country, Indonesia, should do something about their illegal operations.

We can only have justice if no one is treated badly or like a slave here in Hong Kong or anywhere.